Rob Key was born in middle England in the middle Eighties. A recovering philosopher and former scholar of psychoanalysis, Rob completed the DocNomads master course in documentary film directing in 2015. 

His films have been screened at a number of international festivals and have picked up awards along the way.


He currently works as a freelance cinematographer and editor in London, on feature documentaries, TV and producing online content. He's also spent time Malta making a docu-fiction for the Dutch newspaper NRC Mindshakes, which portrays the story of one refugee through the lens of a 'Hollywood film'.  


Balancing an inexplicable desire for change alongside a compulsion to entertain, Rob curates films that make the everyday quizzical and the complicated benign.


Rob is also a human being. Human beings are rarely one-sided creatures and like most of that kind, Rob Key has done all sorts of stupid and incomprehensible, beautiful and ugly things.


As a teenager he and his friends attempted to take over the world through playing a strange kind of rock music made in dedication to a self-invented religious cult whose deities included a green garden shed and a dog called Ned.


He likes to write short but supposedly poignant two-line poems, such as:



His control on the situation must be staggering;

she continues "I need you, it is windy out here!

If I don’t have anything to hold onto I'll fall over

and hurt myself" Subsequently, he becomes a post.



Rob Key has been in one car crash; one near-fatal propeller-plane disaster; he was once pushed through a window on the streets of St Petersburg; only once has Rob been stung by a wasp who lay happy and satiated on the skin of large apple in a morning-fresh New Zealand field; he doesn't have a first memory and doesn’t understand how people can place memories without a stable conception of time. He can't believe that the world can look as nice as this:





Occasionally Rob talks about himself in the third-person.