Very soon I will be making my escape. No longer under the yoke of a defunct culture; no longer slave to mortgages or finance; no longer suppressed under the hypocrisy of the state - it's time to get the fuck out of Europe!


  As the European project seems slowly to unravel to the tune of financial stagnation and political stratification, and to the footsteps of millions of desperate and homeless asylum seekers in search of peace and stability, I will be walking the “migrant trail”, but in reverse: from the heart of Europe to its borders and to the sea.


  While states and media are focused on how to stop and what to do with those coming in, the film will reverse the flow, asking whether the difficult reality walking into Europe isn’t something also created and sustained by Europe. Power-games, arms-deals, support for tyrannical regimes, disruptive trade agreements, wars for oil and energy security – an ongoing disregard for the rights and value of those living outside these fraying borders.


  Through encounters with asylum seekers made on the road, The Wrong Way Backwards is a very human journey through the contradictions of the European project and its supposed ‘universal’ values. By turning the lens 180 degrees, we see that the drive to 'protect' the European lifestyle is also undermining it and destroying the very values that made it worth defending.


  Shot over a ten-week journey from Calais to the shores of Greece, The Wrong Way Backwards is a multiple chapter web-series that traverses the more difficult and ‘tricky’ questions of the migrant crisis while also traversing the diverse and peaceful landscapes of a continent in so many ways bound in internal conflict.


  For more information about the project, just get in touch! – We are currently raising funds and looking for sponsors for the walk.  


"The Wrong Way Backwards" - Project in progress